Friday, July 27, 2012

Bank of America credit card payment

Bank of America credit card payment 

         A Bank of America has a finance services more than 150 countries with operation based on United States & Canada Asia Pacific Europe & Middle East & Africa and Latin America. In the United States, Bank of America is the 5th largest financial institute. The buying power and reputation of the company makes owning a credit card, Bank of America is an incredible resource in any business or any other acquisition can be used. 

            In order that make a credit card payment, you can visit to and sign into your account. You can access any account you have with account or a credit card account or home loan or auto loan from here. When you access your credit card online, you can easily make your payment online. Credit card payment online is support your online banking is save, you can manage your rewards, activated card and check your transfer balances,.etc. Trust the Bank of America is very secure for any purchase online. 

The Popular of America Bank cards available are: 
            • BankAmericard Cash Rewards 
            • BankAmericard Travel Rewards 
            • BankAmericard 

Special rewards in each of those cards can learn more at Bank of America website in the part of credit card. 

            If you had the BankAmericard Cash Rewards card, you will receive 1% cash back on any purchase including 2% on grocer's store and 3% of your gas money back on gas station. The BankAmericard is great for balance transfers, and interest rates from 0% up to 12 billing periods. Once that period ends, you may have an interest rate as low as 10.99%. Finally, the Accelerated Rewards American Express Card 1.25 points for every purchase and up to $ 75 credits in statement. It will make your life easier. You can check out all the time and secure access.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Safely you’re online banking.

Be ensuring the security of your online banking on both personal computers and mobile phones. I have recommended that you follow the simple way.

Don’t use public computers.
   You shouldn’t use public computers such as Internet cafes or someone's computer to online banking services. That because these computers may have programs that can access and retrieve personal information about you.

Should input your site address bar and sign out your user all time.

Protect your password.
  •  Your password should be a combination of numbers and letters and at least six characters, not letters or numbers unique to any one time.
  •  Your password should not have the same user ID, telephone number or other your personal information.
  •  Remember your password and do not save any password information to include on your mobile phone. You can change your password regularly.
  • Use a different password on the online banking service or other online services.
  • Do not share your password with anybody, although he claimed that an employee of bank.

Protect your computer and mobile phone.

  •  Do not select save password to online banking with automatic web browser.
  •  Be ensuring that your computer or mobile phones have installed the new version of anti virus and firewall.
  •  Should deleted cookies after you use the internet, especially you use public computers.
  • Be should ensure that the file and printer sharing is not enabled, when you are connected to the system.
  • You always should data backup.
  • You should use data encryption technology to protect your personal information.

Wireless network connection.

       Should set a password for the connection of a wireless network to protect users from worms and do not have permission to access a wireless in your network.

Be careful mail fraud and spyware.

  • Do not share personal financial information or credit card on a suspected site or no credibility.
  •  Do not open email attachments or other programs that sent from strength people.

Just you follow above recommend to be ensured that your transactions on the internet are safe. Otherwise, pray that your bank has a secure system.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

CitiBank Credit Card Payment

CitiBank Credit Card Payment

CitiBank is a global bank, branch has separates in 160 countries. You can be made quickly and easily payment on the site of Citibank. You just go to,then select an account in the drop-down box and sign on to account with your user ID & password. From here, if your first time to visit you can click register. You can check the spending and payment history on each card, your terms and conditions and more.

citi credit card payment online
Now you can sign on to make CitiBank credit card payment and you can receive statement by e-mail. It’s convenient and save more than. If you forgot your User ID or Password, you can reset it by click “Forgot User ID or Password” and input your credit card number for reset it.

CitiBank has a very secure server, you should also be very sure that your own computer is safe. For security you should change your password every 1-2 month and don’t use same User ID & password on the other sites to make a credit card payment online.

Benefits of a Citibank Credit Card
  • 0% interest for 6 months on balance transfers.
  • cash back rewards and no annual fees and lern more at the site.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Definition of credit card

Credit Card
A card issued by a financial company giving the holder an option to borrow funds, usually at point of sale. Credit cards charge interest and are primarily used for short-term financing. Interest usually begins one month after a purchase is made and borrowing limits are pre-set according to the individual's credit rating.

Credit Card Balance
The amount of charges, or lack thereof, owed to the credit card company. A new credit card balance can take up to 24 hours to update, once a payment has been made, depending on the credit card company and method of payment involved. The balance can be zero, positive or negative, depending on if nothing is owed, if something is owed or if a payment is made over what is owed respectively.

Credit Card  Debt
A type of unsecured liability which is incurred through a short-term revolving loan facility. While, technically, all purchases made by credit card create a debt to the user, these debts typically do not incur interest until the grace period has expired. Thus, credit card users who pay off their balance each month are generally not considered to have credit card debt. Rather, the term applies to users who continue to carry a balance on their credit cards after the grace period has expired and the debt begins to bear interest.

Credit Cliff
A slang term referring to the compounding of a company's credit deterioration caused by provisions such as financial covenants, or events that trigger a change in the company's credit rating. These can put pressure on the company's liquidity or its business to a material extent.

Credit History
A record of a consumer's ability to repay debts and demonstrated responsibility in repaying debts. A consumer's credit history consists of information such as: number and types of credit accounts, how long each account has been open, amounts owed, amount of available credit used, whether bills are paid on time, and number of recent credit inquiries.  It also contains information regarding whether the consumer has any bankruptcies, liens, judgments or collections. This information is all contained on a consumer's credit report. 

Credit Inquiry
A transaction whereby a bank or other credit-issuing institution views an individual’s credit report in connection with a loan or credit card application. The purpose of a credit inquiry is to evaluate an individual’s likelihood to repay money that is lent to them (known as creditworthiness).
There are two main types of credit inquiries - a “soft” inquiry and a “hard” inquiry. A soft inquiry is normally initiated by the individual (such as checking one’s own credit report for errors) and is not recorded on the individual’s credit report. A hard inquiry is recorded on an individual’s credit report when a third party views the credit report in response to an application for credit.

Credit Repair
Credit repair is the process of fixing a bad credit report, for whatever reason it deteriorated in the first place. It may be as simple as fixing mistakes with the credit agencies. Identity theft may require extensive credit repair work. The second form of credit repair is to deal with fundamental financial issues, such as budgeting, and begin to address legitimate concerns on the part of lenders.

Credit Score
A statistically derived numeric expression of a person's creditworthiness that is used by lenders to access the likelihood that a person will repay his or her debts. A credit score is based on, among other things, a person's past credit history. It is a number between 300 and 850 - the higher the number, the more creditworthy the person is deemed to be.
Charge Card
A card that charges no interest but requires the user to pay his/her balance in full upon receipt of the statement, usually on a monthly basis. While it is similar to a credit card, the major benefit offered by a charge card is that it has much higher, often unlimited, spending limits.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Kohls Credit Card Payment

Kohls Credit Card Payment

    Kohls department store have a great experience for purchase. This store has high quality goods for men, women, teen or kid baby. You can purchase any item in store with Kohls credit card and pay balance at a convenient monthly billing cycle.

      You can make a payment online by visit
Kohls credit card payment is as accessible as other credit card payment online. You can check your statement and monthly bill, or free online payments, just simple click “My Kohl’s Charge” below search bar.
kohl's charge

    If the first visit when you approved credit card, you must register for activate your Kohl's Credit Card. On the other hand, you are existing users you can access your account by put your username and password.
Kohl’s credit cards get you make a monthly convenient bill payment. All purchase in the store with your credit card, Kohls have benefit to our cardholder such as;
  • 15% off on your next purchase when you apply for Kohl’s Charge!
  • 12 times a year to save 15% off of your purchase and 15% - 30% on certain merchandise.

    If you spend more than $600 every year, Kohl’s have extra perks;
  • 6 times to save purchase in a year.
  • Most Valued Customer program can help you save hundreds of dollars every year.
Most applications only take 60 seconds to process.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trick of using a credit card wisely!

Trick of using a credit card!

If you want to have a credit card, you should know the trick of own spending. There are 3 rules for using credit cards.

  • To think credit cards are like cash because it really true. Only you have the pin number, you can withdraw money from ATM machine. Therefore, we must always make sure that the card is not lost (If the card is lost or stolen, hold the card immediately). You should be careful CVC number in the back of card because theses number can use shopping online. 

  • Paid in full amount all times, don’t overdue. Unless absolutely necessary you can minimum payment. If you fear that you will not pay the debt in full. I have a solution for it. Every time you swipe the card for anything. You should deposited money in the bank account to pay credit cards at the end of the month.

  • Before you swipe the card you should consider that
          -You need to buy and necessary items.
       -Don’t be greedy cause of sale promotion.Now marketing plan is very deep and often tempting to pay off with credit card.  

End with that phrase “A penny saved is a penny earned. 5555

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gap Credit Card Payment

Gap Credit Card Payment

     The Gap credit card and visa card payment is easy for your shopping. Those cards are issued by “GECRB”. You can manage your account every time, if you want to do. Just have visit and scroll down to the bottom page, note that “Gap Card” and click manage your account to go access to your credit card online. Old user of Gap credit card can access to your account by login with user ID, if not you will register to make your online credit card payments. Other than you can check your balance, rewards or make a convenient payment online.

       Gap store is a shop clothes for all ages. You can enjoy benefits to having a Gap credit card such as;

  • When you have approved for the Gap Card online, you will receive 20% off their first purchase.
  • Enjoy saving and get $10 reward card for every $200 you spend at all Gap store.
  • Earn 1 reward point per $1 spent everywhere (Gas station, Restaurants, Pharmacies.,Etc.) with Gap visa credit card.


Apply for a Gap Card Online.

      Before you apply you must at least 18 years old and no bankruptcy, not been denied credit card from GERCB within the last 6 months and residence in America or Puerto Rico. If everything that I asked before are “yes” you can apply Gap credit card by simple click “Apply now and save today”.

"Have fun and enjoy with every purchase of Gap Credit card."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Walmart Credit Card Payment

Walmart Credit Card Payment
       Having Walmart credit card it easy way for your shopping at Wal-Mart Store, SAM’s Club. Special offers for Walmart credit card, you can enjoy for every purchase of $100 or more at On the day you complete open your account online, you can get $20 back to your account.

         When you enroll in electronic statements online, you’ll receive your free monthly FICO. No annual fee and $0 fraud liability and participating gas station of Walmart help you save 5¢ per gallon.

How to apply Wal-Mart Credit Card Online.
         In the first, you must have account before apply credit card online. You need to provide personal information during application process.

Walmart Credit Card / Walmart Discover online account services.
         Go to and scroll-down to the bottom page, you can click on Manage account and pay bill in the financial services topic on right hand. You can sign in to your Walmart Credit Card Account for view statements and activity, pay bill online, request credit limit increases.,etc. Recently new option is email and phone alerts.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Maurices Credit Card Payment

About Maurices credit card

           Maurices home office is located in Duluth, Minnesota. The shop has grown over 800 stores cover in 44 states, located in smaller towns and shopping malls. These stores provide clothing from stylish.  Maurices credit card exclusively for members and credit card accounts are issued by World Financial Network Bank (WFNNB).
Maurices credit card            If you interesting this credit card, you can visit and scroll-down to the bottom page. Then click “Credit card” on bottom right menu and. From here you have 2 topics for choose.

            1.You are hold Maurices credit card, can fill out your Username and Password to log in to your account. If you don’t sign up, you can register from here as well.

              2.You don,t have credit card, you can apply for a maurices credit card. When your card approval you will receive benefit form your maurices credit card such as; bill payment online, notice of sales and promotions, No annual fee and get 15% off when you receive your maurices credit card in the mail,.etc.

           Maurices credit card guarantee your shopping and every transaction with has secure.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

TJX Rewards Credit Card Payment

About TJX rewards credit card

      TJX Rewards Credit Card is a financial product by GE Capital. The Group of business includes T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods and other affiliates are the "TJX Businesses". TJX rewards credit card payment chances it convenient and secure.
           TJX rewards credit card can be used at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods stores. TJX have exclusive shopping hours at any stores and special information from new store opening and more.
           Easy way to make payments online, if you are the owner of TJX rewards credit card. Just visit and log in by clicking on top menu bar “Manage your account” input your User ID and Password to make your payment.
       If it first time log in into your online payment, click on “Register Here” and fill out all information to sign up account.

How to apply credit card?

  1. You must aged 18 or over can apply. 
  2. You could prepare personal details such as name, address to send your bill payment, annual income, phone,Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number and other required information.
           TJX Rewards Credit Card give you save 10% off in your first shopping in affiliated TJX stores and earn rewards points (every 1,000 Rewards Points=$10 Rewards Certificate and no limits on rewards), no annual fee. Then you upgrade card to , your card is globally and when you spend outside of TJX stores you can receive 1 point for every dollar. Special option for Master Card, you can recieve travel assistance services and accident insurance.
           TJX has a secured server so you be convinced that your payment is safe from identity theft.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Visa Credit Card Payment Services

                 Payments service by Visa credit card are simple to access online. In the first page of up credit card payment online, It takes just a few minutes.
Visa card
Step 1: Select country or Region and click go, if you want to redirected to the appropriate site in next time, please select “Go to the site when I return to”

Step 2: You find your visa card issuer-click “My account Information”
Step 3: You can find your financial institution by clicking one of the links, including: 

·        Bank of America
·        Capital One
·        Charter One Bank
·        Chase
·        Citibank
·        Citizens Bank
·        FIA Card Services
·        First National Bank of Omaha
·        Navy Federal Credit Union
·        PNC
·        US Bank
·        Wachovia
·        WaMu
·        Wells Fargo
             If you don’t see your card issuer from the main list, you can also click on “See all participating financial institutions”. When you click on your financial institution, you will be directed to the institution’s site. Then you able to access to your account with User ID and Password. Except the Bank of America, you must to select the type of account before login to your credit cards.If you first time user, all you need to register on 
  •       Your account number.
  •       Your Social Security number (SSN).
  •      A valid e-mail address.
  •       3-digit security code on the back of Issued credit card.       

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mastercard Credit Card Payment

Get quick, easy account access.

            Payments by credit card Mastercard are easily accessible online, just follow the instructions of your financial institution. You can visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page. In support topic, select drop-down box under access your account. Please select your issuing bank, which include:

• Ally Bank
• Bank Of America
• Barclays
• Capital One
• Charter One
• Chase
• Citibank
• Citizens Bank
• Fifth Third
• First National Bank of Omaha
• GE Money
• Sovereign Bank
• Suntrust
• Wells Fargo

             Then click go and it will bring you to the Website through which you can make your payment online. On the first page of the site, you can use your Username and Password to access your account. 

            If you've never been to the site, you are directed to record, simply through the process of business registration. You will probably need your account information and billing information to register your personal account with a MasterCard  branches. Once registered, you should be able to offer a variety of features to your account online to check how your terms and conditions , your card agreement, read the latest account activity and pay online by credit card.

Enjoy shopping with Mastercard ,Feel safe and Full Protection with SecureCode

            MasterCard operates a sophisticated, multi-level fraud monitoring system to protect cardholders from data compromise and fraud.
            MasterCard SecureCode is a private code for your MasterCard account that you can use when you're shopping online. Only you and your financial institution know what your code.So you can trust that your transactions get independent approval every time.